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Good Mood Monday

April 22, 2013

SunshineBefore we know it, April will be gone. I cannot believe how fast it is going by. I also cannot believe that we pretend April is Spring weather when we have barely sustained 55 degrees this entire month. But, the sun it out some days and the trees are beginning to bloom with bright pink and purple flowers. When you glance down the side streets, you can’t help but be in awe of the swooping trees at this time of year.

1. Sunshine. Because it brings blooms — but not necessarily warm weather. (Patiently waiting, May.)

2. Boston. How strong are they? New York runners have made a stand as well — by running in two city-based races this weekend. You can read more about both here. I love the intention that the runners ran with.

3. Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. Everything about it — the Brownstones, the trees, the children scootering down the road, the sidewalks, the neighborhoods, the creativity that thrives there. I thought this was a fun idea maybe we can try one day if we ever think about moving there. (I say “we” because I obviously think about moving there every day…)

4. Doughnuts. I had been craving (craving, craving) fresh doughnuts over the past few weeks. I’m not entirely sure why as I am not a doughnut person but the seed was planted. Josh and I went to Colonie (in Brooklyn) on Saturday and they complimented us with two wonderful doughnuts at the end of our meal because we just couldn’t decide which dessert to get. They were melt-in-your-mouth amazing and now I want more. Thank you Colonie! (I know I have written about them before, but my goodness, I may have to do it again!)

Doughnuts at Colonie

5. Celebrity Spottings. I was trying to compile a list of celebrities I’ve seen in New York but I quickly realized that I forget most of them. I love that New Yorkers are so calm, cool and collected when they breeze past a celebrity, like “It’s no big deal.” And it isn’t, I know that. But every once in a while, don’t you get the urge to want to ask a million and ten questions about their life? I just find it so fascinating! Well, this weekend we saw two, in the same place. Anjelica Huston and Kiefer Sutherland. (They weren’t together.) I snapped a picture and I didn’t even feel a bit guilty.

Kiefer Sutherland

6. City Friends. Walking around city streets and shopping in new-found shops.

7. Pinterest. Been a bit obsessed lately; sorry for all the decorating pins! (You can check them all out here.)

8. Blogs. On the same note as above — I just enjoy reading every word sometimes.

9. Earth Day. What an important day to celebrate where we spend our lives! Do something awesome for the Earth today:)

10. A calm song for your week.

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