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Good Mood Monday

April 15, 2013

This weekend was the ultimate in relaxation. I should say, Sunday was. It was needed and I was perfectly content doing laundry, cleaning and watching Mad Men. I also thought about a million things to be grateful for that spread beyond the drama of The Masters (even though it was epic).

1. City Street Runs. I usually head over to the East River Park for my outdoor runs (which just recently started thanks to a miserable Manhattan winter and the fact that I am pretty scared to run in a park with “real runners”). I found that my favorite part of the runs, however, was when I was headed over to the park, on the city sidewalks taking in all that is the East Village. It creates a distraction that I need. So I took a few city street runs last week and I absolutely fell in love. Jayne gave me great advice when I wrote about it, saying exploration runs take your mind off the actual running. Time to keep exploring…

2. Bare-All Legs. Last week we hit an early summer day. We jumped from 40 degrees to 80 and then right back down to 40. But for that day, I wore a dress with no tights. We sat outside for lunch and enjoyed the sweat as the sun brightened up Manhattan. I am just dying for early summer.

One Bryant Park -- New York City

3. Thunder. I miss storms. I grew up pretty terrified of them (mostly because Zach loved them and would open all the windows). But I grew to appreciate them in my own time. Ohio produces the best thunderstorms where Manhattan is the opposite. I have witnessed two hurricanes but only on thunderstorm since living here. Well, two now because we had a great one last week. Rumbling thunder and lightning is glorious.

4. Waking up to Birds. With storms and beautiful weather come blossoming trees and birds at 6:00 am. This is a half-good-mooder. I don’t have to wake up that early so I would appreciate if the levels were kept down until 7:00 am.

5. Volunteering on Long Island. OSNY had the opportunity to volunteer at LuHi packing lunches for children in Haiti and those still devastated from Hurricane Sandy. It was a truly rewarding experience — the process was conducted without a hitch. I’ll chat more about this later but the best part was who I shared my day with – God and the beautiful people of OSNY.

6. Car Rides. And, obvious highlight, we took a car out to Long Island. Like, an actual Ford Focus. Not a taxi. And we listened to the radio and ate Fig Newtons and chatted and laughed. I hope y’all don’t take your cars for granted. Sometimes I just want to jump in a car and go somewhere that is beyond the city but I am restricted, ever so slightly, by the end of subway lines.

7. Food Cravings. All I want to eat right now is a Croque Madame. I just love the way the Gruyère cheese melts over the ham and then is completely over taken by the egg yolk. Craving. I had three last week and I don’t even feel bad. I made one from scratch and loved every moment.

8. Mad Men. And I’ve been watching Mad Men like, well, mad. Loving every episode.

9. Our April Calendar. The calendar I gave to Josh this past Christmas is beautiful. The month of April is my favorite simply because it shows everything Paris. (Last month was Tokyo and made me want to visit so unbelievably bad.) But I love day dreaming about Paris because I have been there and seen the charming streets. I can visualize the people and the hike to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I miss it so much that I may keep the calendar on April all year round. (Psst.. we stayed just north of St. Germain, on the left bank across the Seine from the Louvre, if you want to visualize with me.)


10. And a lovely song for your week.

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  1. April 16, 2013 12:17 pm

    what a wonderful, happy list! it sounds like you had a lovely weekend – hope your week is treating you just as well 🙂


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