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April 8, 2013

OnceJosh and I went and saw “Once” this weekend. He bought me the tickets for Valentine’s Day and I have been anxious ever since. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat, humming the music quietly on the trains. (As I do with most music.) The anticipation filled me to the brim, threatening to over flow on Friday, regardless of who was playing in the Final Four.

With Roger Ebert’s passing last week, I was reading articles and articles about the man who so loved the movies. And wouldn’t you know, his review of the film “Once” was listed as one of his 20 best reviews of all time. He said, “‘Once’ is the kind of film I’ve been pestered about ever since I started reviewing again. People couldn’t quite describe it, but they said I had to see it. I had to. Well, I did. They were right.” (See the full review here.)

There really is not a better way to describe it than that. It is just something you have to see and follow the emotions of the characters. The quirky and humorous love story that ends as sadly as it begins has been perfected in every way. You fall in love with love and you get your heart-broken. Just as it should be.

You fall in love with guy and girl. Because they don’t have names. You love him because he is lonely but a great person who has given up on his dreams, like so many of us. You love her because she is Czech and she is serious. And you almost cry when he asks is she is still in love with the man who left her and she answers in Czech, without his understanding, even though she speaks English.

You also fall in love with the music that is playing as soon as you walk into the Jacobs Theater. You and 1,000 other people are so entranced in the fun-loving sounds as soon as you walk in the door, you forget you are there to see a story. You can head up on stage, order a beer from the bar and knee-slap with the violinist, if you want. Or you can sit in your seat, as we did, and enjoy the music that fills the room and take it all in.

If you do not have the chance to see this magic happen on Broadway, rent the movie and listen to the soundtrack on repeat, as I do.

Thanks for taking me Josh!



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