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Good Mood Monday

April 8, 2013

Mondays just seem to keep coming, and quickly. Sometimes I feel that I just can’t keep up! But this weekend gave me time to unwind, relax and breathe. I’m excited to have a few consecutive weekends in this fashion. But I am sure I will find fun things to fill my time.

1. Relaxing Weekends. I’m not sure there is much to say about this. It is just nice to do nothing every once in a while.

2. Mad Men. I suppose I didn’t do “nothing”. I absolutely did sit on my couch and watch Mad Men (a lot of Mad Men). I knew I would love it but never had the opportunity to watch. Now I’m in frantic catch up mode after starting with season 1 (and it makes you want everything in the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic). Hoping this doesn’t complete consume me like Lost did…

3. Longer Runs. Again, I didn’t do “nothing”. (Double negative.) I did go for a few runs; Saturday, a relaxing run and Sunday, my long run that I was so dreading. 8 miles. It wasn’t awesome but it happened.

4. Confusing Books. I am also reading Cloud Atlas. Going into it, I realized I did not know anything about this book. I was very confused and still am. I hear that’s how you were supposed to feel.

5. Once. Josh and I went to see Once on Broadway this weekend. What an awesome show. I was entranced the entire time, feeling what the characters feel and loving every moment and every song.


6. Cookie Monster. I’m a cookie monster. I am not ashamed. “I run so I can eat cookies,” as Kim would tell me. And then I made molasses cookies this weekend. Why do I do this to myself?

Molassas Cookies

7. Postcards. One of my favorite little traditions of some New York restaurants is they give you a post card with your check. I keep stamps in my purse for this very reason. Every time, we write a little note and send postcards to our families.

8. Spring. Psst… it’s here. FINALLY. I have no idea what 70 degree feels like.

9. Exposed Ankles. So, I am happy to announce that I have exposed my ankles today! (I tried last week but 40 degrees does not like my ankles.) But today was just warm enough…

10. And a song for your week. (A lovely, yet sad song.)

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