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Good Mood Monday

March 25, 2013

I keep pretending that spring is here; telling myself, “Ah yes, the sun will be out when I step out that door…” Let me tell you, it never is. Where are you Mr. Sun? We are all not-so-patiently-waiting for you. I suppose I am not one to complain as our friends back home are being dumped on my Mother Winter and I am simply suffering from next to freezing temperatures. So while winter blues (and bracket blues) hang around, here are some good things that put me in an ultra good mood this past week.

1. A Year of Blogging. Say what!? Yup, on March 23rd, 2012 I posted my first ever blog post. I’ll tell you more about my feelings later today, about what blogging means to me and what I think of this past year. But just knowing that it has been one full year that I have written to you nearly 5 times a week is exciting to me.

2. Health. I have been suffering from a terrible cold for the last two weeks but finally I am fully recovered. I can breathe without having to blow my nose or cough. It is so relieving.

3. Continuing Madness. Did you watch this weekend? There was so much madness and I loved it. The Bucks almost gave me a heart attack but Aaron Craft’s shot was exactly what I needed to finish off a perfect weekend. (And yes, I am absolutely failing both of my brackets so Go Bucks!)

4. The East Village. My friend Jess and I perused shops on Saturday in the East Village, taking it all in. I never get sick of this neighborhood.

5. Fresh Flowers. Kelsey and I attended a little fashion show on Thursday evening and we walked in to fresh potted flowers on every chair. I am so excited to watch my new plant grow!

6. Lovely Birthday Cakes. Magnolia Bakery has amazing cakes and Kelsey picked an awesome caramel one for Eddie’s birthday party. She lit 24 lovely, gold, masculine candles for the birthday boy to blow out to make the cake even more perfect.

Magnolia Bakery Caramel Cake

7. PBR and Miller Lite. We then enjoyed my favorite beers to calm that homesickness.

8. The Bible. Have you been tuning into The Bible short series on The History Channel? I am loving every ounce I have watched. The cinematography is flawless and the story continues to capture hearts. (PS… Easter is my favorite week of the year!)

9. Feeling Sore. Now that the illness is gone, I can really power through training. I feel incredibly sore today due to a difficult Friday evening class and a long run on Saturday but I am excited to keep going. One day I will learn to love to run…

10. And, as always, a song for your week.

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  1. Brianna permalink
    March 25, 2013 10:39 am

    I love you and your beautiful blog. Happy 1 Year!!

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