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Good Mood Monday

March 18, 2013

Lower East Side View

I have been battling a cold for about a week now – it started with swollen glands, moved slowly up to my eyes and my nose and is finally draining back into my throat. It was nearly impossible to sleep for more than an hour at a time so naturally, I became a little grumpy. Luckily, I had three dear friends to keep me in good spirits all weekend.

1. Friends Who Know Every Ounce of Who You Are. Thank the Lord for girls like this. When you stay friends for over 20 years, can be completely honest, and laugh hysterically in every way — that may be the best feeling on earth. So thankful for all those who lie in that category. (3 of whom I was able to spend an entire weekend with — Angela, Cara and Kelsey.)

2. McSorley’s Old Ale House. When you can stay at a bar for 5 hours and not realize that time is passing, I would say that you are in an amazing bar.

McSorley's Old Ale House

3. Visiting New Sites. Every so often, we are able to visit new venues for work. Last week we went on 5 site visits and every one was so unique. I love getting to see the city from every angle imaginable.

Chrysler Building

4. Twitter. Yesterday was a big day in college basketball and I had to leave our apartment before the final 2 minutes. So I relied heavily on Twitter to give me updates. Boy, did it ever. (Psst… you can follow me, if you’d like.)

5. Aaron Craft. He’s just the man.

6. Big Ten Basketball. Ohio State took the crown (again) so life doesn’t seem to get more complete.

7. March. For the changing of the weather (which makes me sick but the hope is there), for Champ week, for Madness, for special birthdays and for Easter.

8. Our Saviour New York. “The group that grew because some of us knew some of us but now all of us know all of us,” says Matt. Or he said something to that end. And it’s true. We sat around a Christian Seder meal last night with people we have only known for (at most) 6 months but realizing that friendships grow incredibly quickly. I am so blessed to have this family of faith.

The Seder | The Last Supper

9. Majestic Voices. While saying goodbye to Angela and Cara was not fun last night, at least we did during some beautiful live music (as always) at Rockwood.

10. And this song.

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