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Guilty TV Pleasures

March 14, 2013

We all have. Well, at least I hope.

Lately, I’ve been noticing the TV being turned on too much. Whether I am rushing home to watch Brian Williams at 6:30 pm or waking up early on Sunday to watch CBS Sunday Morning, it’s starting to get annoying. And those aren’t even my guilty TV pleasures.

No, there are two shows that truly capture what guilty pleasure is all about. Because, while many others watch these shows, you feel a bit embarrassed admitting that you too are part of the crowd. But when you take it to the next step, as I do, shows start to define you.

My first one? Gossip Girl. Oh, how I loved (love) this show. I didn’t watch it until the later seasons but the shots of Manhattan, the music and the dramatic cliff-hangers pulled me in quickly. I don’t feel like I am the type of girl would be followed by drama nor put myself around others who were dramatic so a weekly dose of “S” and “Chair” is enough to keep me going. The finale was this past fall and it was the perfect ending: happiness for all. The guilt comes in when I started thinking things like “spotted:….” or wanting to sign notes “xoxo…”. Even more so when Molly excitedly took Kelsey and I to Hotel Empire this past weekend to sip on awesome martini’s named things like “Dorota’s Secret” and “Lonely Boy”. Guilt or no guilt, I enjoyed every sip of my “B” and fully embraced my Gossip Girl love. (PS… did you know there is a real Gossip Girl site that talks about celebrities?)


And then there is The Bachelor. We should phrase this “You had me at hello…” because I may have only missed one season in the 17 that there have been. (The prince didn’t catch my eye.) But this season, I took it to the next level by filling out a bracket (like March Madness) at the beginning to see how accurate we can judge relationships on first appearances. Sean was not good at this as the first rose went to Tierra but, oddly enough, I was spot on with the top three that I had declared 12 weeks ago. And the top 2. And Catherine. Some call it beginners luck. I call it brains. Not really, it’s all luck. I don’t know Sean.

The Bachelor Bracket

Since I do feel a bit of guilt admitting this maybe it’s time to stick with Smash, Nashville, Idol and Glee.

Oh wait, that’s embarrassing too.

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