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We Cycled for Survival

March 5, 2013



We finally cycled.

I know I have been chatting you up about it for months, looking for money and prayers and really anything you could spare. And when we finally stepped into Equinox on Saturday morning, it seemed everyone was ready to ride. The city was so ready, in fact, that they were able to light the infamous Empire State Building orange thanks to a little help from Seth. This season, orange is definitely the new pink.

The actual event was filled with inspiration from patients and families telling their stories and uplifting music. And by that I mean Destiny’s Child Survivor. David Linn spoke about his wife, Jennifer, and the creation of the event and the reasons we are here, still fighting. The instructors were all phenomenal with their own stories to share. It was so interesting and real to be in that room with hundreds of others who are affected by cancer. I know it’s true when I think about it logically  but when I actually saw a visual of this miniscule percentage, it seemed quite overwhelming.

And we all rode together knowing this and feeling overwhelmed and devastated. But also feeling incredibly happy at the same time.

It was truly amazing.

$13.6mm is now going directly to cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. They rely so heavily on this funding and the fact that it is almost doubling every year restores hope to millions. I was so happy to be a small part in the production that was Cycle for Survival.







Such a special thanks to my donors
Bryan Gillum :: Katie Deye :: Nick Eyer
Steve Briggs :: Marty Shapiro :: Teddy Smith
Diane Bernath :: The Dee’s :: Sara Sklenka
Bryan Ashton :: Zachary Shellhammer :: Michael Zelwin
Samantha Povar :: Jordan Fuller :: Bill & Aaiza

{Top Photo thanks to Cycle for Survival}

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