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Good Mood Monday

March 4, 2013

Cycle for SurvivalWhat I am finding is that my winter hibernation is quickly coming to an end. As I look forward over the month of March, I see a plan for most days already in place. It seems stressful to me but I know, in about a second it will be Easter and I’ll be home. (That makes me smile.) But, through everything this is coming up, I’ll maintain a good mood.

1. Cycle for Survival. $13.5mm later and I think everyone in that gym was beyond excited to be a part of the ride. It was incredible to see the constant support people have to fund rare cancer research as it has affected so many lives. I was so happy to be a small part in the miraculous day. (More on the whole event tomorrow.)

Cycle for Survial

2. Training. And now that the spinnnig is over, it is time to deep dive into half marathon training. I am praying for motivation and strength to get me through the next ten and a half weeks. And the clarity to know if I should run again on June 9th… and again on July 21st. (Any runners have thoughts on that!?)

3. Pets. I am an animal lover. While I think Josh did this on purpose to prevent me from having a pet in the city, our apartment does not allow cats or dogs. Good thing my dear friends Christy and Daniel adopted my new best friend Frasier. He likes to pounce on me and scare me, which I thoroughly enjoy. (Psst… how about Christy’s lovely blog post about what she would change — and what she wouldn’t change — about her wedding?)


4. Date Nights. I am fully attached and loving Josh and I’s Friday date nights. Sometimes we take it easy and order pizza while other nights we share a bottle of wine (or 2) and sleep in the next day. Hoping this tradition never ends.

5. Favorite Restaurants. If we do head out on our date nights, it is very clear that we always choose our favorite rotating restaurants. Josh will say something to the means of “You know what I’m thinking?” and I will respond with “Spotted Pig?” or “Northern Spy?”

6.Country Music and Family. My cousin Whitney texted me last week to let me know her and her husband would be coming to the city for a Jason Aldean concert. Obviously, I wanted to meet up with them and maybe get a little taste of the country I’ve been missing. So, spontaneously, Josh and I were both able to go and we all had too much fun!

Jason Aldean

7. Dancing. I danced, too. A lot. And sang with the hologram of Kelly Clarkson.

8. Being Attached to a Camera. This is how I feel when I have my Nikon with me. I never want to put it down. (I rarely do.) And I can go from 0 pictures on my memory card to 150 in about an hour.

9. Photoshop. This is honestly one of the most challenging hobbies I have ever done. I am finding it difficult to acclimated to the layers and options you have when I know absolutely nothing about the program. But it still makes me happy thinking that I can go home and make the photos I take more beautiful. (If anyone wants to help, I’m happy to listen!)

10. And a country song for your week.

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