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Speaking of… The Lowline

February 28, 2013

Speaking of The High Line, something in which every person who comes to New York in nice weather should discover, have you heard of the second park that will be created? Architects James Ramsey and Dan Barasch are looking to build New York’s first subterranean green space known as the Lowline, which would essentially be an inverted version of the High Line…

The High Line is built on the old railroad tracks that run across the west side of the city 30 feet above the streets. When precious cargo came in to the docks, they would transfer the goods upstate and to surrounding areas without threatening traffic on the streets below. The tracks had not been in use since 1980 when demolition was talked about and Friends of the High Line was created. They decided to transform the elevated tracks into a flourishing park filled with wooden benched seating areas, beautiful greenery and special areas to watch the oncoming traffic below you.

And now, architects want to do it again, just reversed.

Most New Yorkers spend hours underground each day, waiting for subways and transferring lines. This park is going to capture sunlight from above using a new technology and transfer it under Delancy Street in the Lower East Side where there is a magnificent space to create photosynthesis. The result? Greenery underground and a wonderful place to grow the Lower East Side community.

Do you think we will feel like we are outside even when we are underground? Maybe eventually they can make all of the subways like this as well (I suppose that’s very wishful thinking…).

Lowline NYC

{Photos via Inhabitat}

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