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Good Mood Monday

February 25, 2013

It is very obvious today that there is a full moon. After a series of unfortunate events, I still must tell you why I can still be in a good mood…

1. College Basketball Announcers. “…and they smell blood…” “…there’s a lot of information being passed in that huddle right now…” “…he keeps missing from deep in that same corner…”

2. Watching Josh Watch Ohio State Basketball. Josh is absolutely the most entertaining person to watch during basketball season. He loves college basketball (who doesn’t?) but on a whole new level. If it’s a close game, which it always is this season, he will sit on the edge of the couch, hands on his face, teetering back and forth… until there is about a minute and sixteen seconds left. Then he will get up and start pacing, clapping his hands together in pure nervousness as free throws are being made by both teams. He scratches his arms and fixes his shirt, fidgeting in every which way, sitting back down, picking up his iPad, closing it after a few seconds. For forty minutes, this ensues, twice a week. Pure joy from my corner of the couch. (Especially with the W.)

3. Bottled Root Beer. When we were kids and dad brought home IBC Root Beer or Cream Soda, it was pretty much the best day ever, even if it was Wednesday. And drinking it now brings back a lot of nostalgia that I purely enjoy.

4. Dreary City Days. It was such a dreary (yet awesome) weekend in the city. Saturday was one of those days where you could barely see the tops of 4 story buildings as a gentle mist covered the ground. When the fog did break, you could find shots like the one below and stand in awe.


5. Facetime and Skype. We got to catch up with all our boys over the last week (and their momma’s and grandma’s). I love seeing their faces.

6. New York Style. New York fashion week is over but I can never get over how beautiful women on the streets look here every day. I wish I could capture just a bit of their style to keep.

7. Growlers. I requested a beer night on Saturday night (instead of my go-to red wine) and happily, I got it, growlers and all.

8. Naps. Then I took some naps and was lazy…because of before mentioned growlers.

9. The Oscars. And I fell asleep during the Oscars. Things I saw: the Red Carpet and some pretty dresses (and so many bow ties!), a lot of technical awards (which I guess was cool because the Brave people graduated from an amazing University called Ohio State), Anne win, Seth MacFarlene make some somewhat funny jokes, and Adele. Things I apparently missed: Best Actress (oh, Jenn), Best Actor, and MObama presenting an award… darn.

10. This lovely song to relax you (and me).

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