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“Making a Difference”

February 12, 2013

My love for Brian Williams runs deep. In fact, my love for all NBC anchormen runs deep… Matt, Brian, Seth….

On weeknights I always find something missing when I fail to see NBC Nightly News mostly because of the last 5 minutes of airtime. When Brian brings up the Making a Difference story, I can’t help but be giddy. Last night, in particular, caught my heart.

“This is just a nice story about nice people…” Brian said. And was it ever. Window washers across the country have decided to dress up as superheroes to clean their hospital windows, essentially flying from one set to the next. The children who are receiving treatments inside the hospitals are in awe of their majestic company flying around outside of their rooms. Their imaginations surely take off and their minds, just in that moment, are able to move past the treatments and hospitals and diseases that capture them. They can act like children and be amazed.

Watch the full story at here at NBC and be on the lookout for superheroes all around you.

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