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Good Mood Monday

February 11, 2013

1. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Cookies. I made them twice in one week if that says anything. Truly amazing cookies.

Nutella Chocolate Chip | The Shellhammer

2. Final Four Like Basketball. Ohio State had two rough games last week, first going down to Michigan in an OT game and then almost keeping up with #1 Indiana yesterday. (Until the end where things just didn’t matter anymore and I went on cooking because what else can you do when INDIANA is beating you?) If you want a sarcastic yet real recap, just go over to Grantland like I pretend to do every day. Shane says some funny things. (And if you are a Buckeye, like most of you are, read The Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings by Mark Titus because it makes sense.)

3. National Signing Day. When Urban Meyer became the best recruiter alive and Ohio State brought in the third best recruiting class (according ESPN) coming off a 12-0 season. Even signing recruits for 2014…

4. Pitchers and Catchers. Baseball starts. I can smell summer already. Roll Tribe. Let’s Go Mets!

5. Letters from Home. I received a beautiful letter from my dear Emmie this weekend. I love getting letters from her, seeing her handwriting and pretending like she’s talking to me. I miss that girl.


6. Vine. The new “Instagram”? No, but definitely a great app to partner to Insta. Instead of pictures, you get 6 second video clips! It was fun watching every walk through the snow this weekend and enjoy their Saturdays in snippets with voices and laughs.

7. This Man. Oh Johnny, be still my heart.

Johnny Depp Presents at The Grammys

8. The Grammys Mix. Yesterday morning at spin, our instructor did a full Grammys Mix. Every song I pushed for was nominated for an award this year. We went from Sia to Carly Rae Jepsen to Gotye. It was an incredible ride (gearing up for Cycle for Survival)!

9. Snow. Oh, it snowed this weekend — a beautiful blanket covering everything. Until it was all plowed away. It was absolutely wonderful to have snow back in my life. I have not seen a true snow fall since living in Columbus two years ago so I was stoked to get out and stomp and take pictures. (Plus I got to take pictures with a pretty girl…)

Winter Snow

Winter Snow!

10. This song for your week. Enjoy 🙂

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