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Dance, dance.

February 5, 2013

In the grand scheme of life, I’m young. So young, in fact, that the thought of 40 has never truly touched my mind. 30 is still a far distant future. 25 is the only age that seems to be on the horizon… but it’s quickly approaching.

I’ll stop rubbing in my young age now…

Because before I know it, I will be 40. And I debate in my mind if that day I will be excited, nostalgic, or downright depressed. It’s too soon to make this type of decision but I hope that every birthday from here on out will be more of a celebration. After reading this beautiful article published in the Huffington Post this past week, I can’t help but think of the years I have already taken for granted.

It seems that Jen took nothing for granted. Her and her husband, Dave, founded Cycle for Survival in 2007 after she was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare cancer, in 2004. She had many challenges over her six-year battle, filled with tears and emotions, ups and downs. The only thing that seemed natural to her was happiness. So when she made it to the monumental 4-0 birthday, she did a dance. A simple, happy, excited, classic, fun, loving, jovial dance to celebrate life.

Now, if only we can have her enthusiasm infused into our every day life, we probably would stop stressing about birthdays…

(Psst… I raised my goal. Join Me? Because Seth Meyers is!)


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