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My Four Favorite Men

February 1, 2013

Sometimes I truly believe I was born in the wrong decade. There are days when all I want to do is dance like it’s 1913, drink like it’s 1930, or drive a Volkswagen like it’s 1965. (But then I watch Midnight and Paris and realize it will never be as romantic as it seems in my head.)

But there is one era that includes one band that I would die to meet. Even today I pray that I will bump into one of them on the New York City streets. Well, the one that is left and lives in the city. Paul. When a song of theirs comes on, I instantly ask Josh, “Who sings this?” just so he knows when he hears those voices. My favorite place is Strawberry Fields in Central Park where I can stare at Yoko and John’s penthouse from below the trees and listen to a man sing Let It Be like it was 1970. It’s the closet I’ll ever get.

Photographer Henry Grossman, on the other hand, spent four years with The Beatles, travelling, dining, and conversing with the men. He explained to CNN, “[I] just liked the guys,” upon releasing a book of unpublished photos he had taken throughout his time with them. From what I can tell, Henry truly captured the essence of those four men as they made it through the pivotal years in their group career. From learning Transcendental Meditation to learning to ski for the first time, Henry caught it all. Paul McCartney even went as far as saying “Even though The Beatles had lots of photographs taken of them, occasionally one of the photographers would be out of the ordinary; Henry Grossman was one such photographer.”

My favorites are below but please check out more here. And if you love them as much as I do, buy the book, Places I Remember, here. (Wouldn’t that make a great gift for a Beatles lover?)

The Beatles | Harrison

The Beatles | Lennon

The Beatles | McCartney

The Beatles | Starr{Via CNN}

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  1. February 3, 2013 10:55 pm

    aw, i love them, too! such great photos! and thank you for your baby name suggestions on friday – i LOVED your picks! frey is the coolest! 🙂

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