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Happy 100th Grand Central!

February 1, 2013


Today, Grand Central Terminal turns 100. In obvious New York form, there is an all-day celebration filled with celebrities, performances, and dancing under the blue-domed ceiling. There will be 10-cent shoe-shines and 5-cent coffee, just like there was in 1913.

Grand Central used to be a main hub for trains from all over the country, bringing tourists and commuters alike. Today, it serves as a simple commuter rail for folks from the suburbs. The structure is beautiful and every time I find myself strolling through, I can’t help but stop in amazement. In 1970, city developers wanted to build a massive tower about the structure that would include tearing out the ceiling. Jackie Kennedy led a team of preservationists to fight back and save the initial 1913 building.

Some other fun facts about Grand Central? The blue-domed ceiling was painted to be the view of the Mediterranean winter sky with exactly 2,500 stars; after a 12-year restoration project to clean the grime off the ceiling left by millions of cigarettes, restorers left one black spot so we could all appreciate the difference; the sub-basement level M42 was targeted by Nazi’s in WWII because if they threw sand on the rotary, trains would be halted meaning no deployed troops; and the departures are always listed as one minute earlier than their actual time. For 96 more wonderful facts about Grand Central Terminal, visit here.

It’s a place everyone should visit one day, and you will likely remember it forever.

{Photo via The Daily Beast}


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