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Having a Quarter-Life Crisis?

January 31, 2013

Once every couple of weeks, I get the honor to chat with some of the most lovely women I have ever met. They are all new-ish to New York so discussing what it is to live here and the changes it makes to personalities and circumstances is constructive as we go about our day-to-day lives.

One trend that we have all started to pick up on is that most of the group dislike their jobs or careers. (I am not included in this category but I was a year ago.)  We have been wrestling with this as a group for a while now – how to serve while working and how to calm the negativity. We are young and perhaps our generational society is what pushes us to be passionate about what we do and knowing we always have an option to leave.

What I have realized is we are not the first to wrestle with such issues; actually, most people do. And just to prove it, Split Sider decided to post something that can be a little inspiration to us all. At 25, some of the most influential comedians we know today were in our same position with no idea where their life would take them. Jerry Seinfeld was getting fired from Benson, Tina Fey was in an awful bank commercial, and Zach Galifianakis was that (oddly cute) bus boy at the strip club. Better yet, Steve Carrel was taking Improv with Second City while waiting tables on the side. Steve Colbert was his understudy…

Obviously there were some comedians that made it big quickly but most were just like us. Waiting and working hard for the opportunity to shine.

Read about all 50 actors and comedians at Side Spilter – almost the whole cast of Seinfeld is noted!

{Via ThoughtCatalogue}

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  1. January 31, 2013 2:12 pm

    So true! Always good to know you’re not the only one going through it!

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