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Good Mood Monday

January 28, 2013

The calm has taken over the city. Less tourists and the hibernation of February is almost here! There is even snow to start off the month right… and ten things that put me in a good mood, obviously.

1. Snow! We finally have a little accumulation in the city (a very little). It is no longer bitter cold, just cold enough that it feels great.

2. Long Hair. I know it’s trendy but I am thankful for my long hair in the cold. It does take a lot of shampoo to wash though…

3. Happy Cooks. Peels for brunch is not a bad idea, especially then everyone is happy looking at their customers.

Peels NYC

4. Brunch. Typically Josh and I cook breakfast on the weekends but we decided to splurge and head out to TWO brunches this weekend; both were lovely and included some awesome company.

5. Movie Nights and Pizza. We stayed in on Friday night, ordered Two Boots and watch Lawless. Movie nights are underrated. (Psst, we had pizza again last night!)

6. Table Shopping. Looking for a new “dining” table (“room” is not included because we don’t have a dining room, just a space). It’s a bit exhausting but furniture shopping isn’t the worst thing in the world. Ended up at West Elm and found an amazing throw! Definitely didn’t get what we were looking for…

7. New Purse. …but I found a new purse that I’m in love with. After 3 years with my satchel, it’s time to move on to the vintage find.

Pippin Purse

8. Game Nights and Defending Taylor. We had an awesome game night in Brooklyn this weekend that included wine and fun! We played telephone pictionary (which is quite possibly the best game ever invented) and a name game. The night ended on an interesting note with a battle about Taylor Swift. I love her, others don’t. Taylor, if you are reading this, I think you owe me. (Rach, no hard feelings!)

9. Waking Up to Ohio Sunrises; via text. I woke up on Sunday to a wonderful picture of the sun rising over Lake Erie. Made miss home… Thanks Emmie!!


10. A Feel Good (Old but Awesome) Song.

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