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A Reason to Love Ohio

January 23, 2013

I’m from Ohio, if you didn’t know. I love Ohio, I am proud of Ohio and I nearly tear up when things center around Ohio (12-0, swing state, Urban, Thad, Glee). Perhaps they only center around Ohio from my perception because I am an outsider looking in, pretending that I still live there.

But the truth is, I’ll never move back. No offense to Ohio. (Non-taken, I presume.) I like saying I’m from Ohio while not actually living there. I have pride in Toledo. (You know those Harbaugh brothers? Yeah, they were bown in Toledo; Urban Meyer too.) I miss Columbus and High Street and Fly Pi.

I suppose you miss everywhere you leave.

And then I stumbled upon this tumblr, “Hi, I’m from Ohio“. And laughed out load reading every last snip of Ohio they could take. If you are from Ohio, or have lived there, you’ll appreciate this.

And for the record, Cedar Point is always better than Kings Island, Tony Packos is pronounced “Pack-o’s”, and I am never moving back….

my reaction when someone says they’re moving from ohio to (brooklyn, la, san fran) and never coming back. 

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  1. Johnny Dee permalink
    January 23, 2013 1:10 pm

    Alex….NEVER is a long time.


  1. Toledo | the shellhammer

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