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Would you Rent the Runway?

January 17, 2013

Living in New York has its perks. If you are a Barnes and Noble member, you can have a book dropped off at your apartment the day you order it. You are never more than a minutes walk from an amazing crepe. And Rent the Runway is always near. That’s not to say that if you live outside of Manhattan you cannot partake in this wonderful business. On the contrary, growth is encouraged!

January 2013 032

A few weeks before Josh’s holiday party, I was having a little apprehension about what to wear (I always get nervous when I have to meet and remember a large group of people who I definitely met last year). I suppose looking good would be important so maybe they would remember me. So I began the journey to find the perfect dress and was pointed in the direction of Rent the Runway a few times. I had heard of the site and actually had looked before but never acted on impulse. This time as I was “window shopping” through the pages and pages of dresses, one caught my eye. It was the kind of dress that you know will fit you perfectly, you know was made for you. The kind of dress you go to bed and can’t stop thinking about. And let me tell you, that never happens to me.

The next day I knew I had to have it. It was $60 to rent for 4 days (sounds a bit absurd…) but it was a $468.00 dress by designer Trina Turk. And, of course, I had a promotion code. I sat at my computer and stared at the dress one last time to be sure this was the one, elated that the search was over so quickly. As I picked the 4 days I wanted to reserve the dress, sadness filled my head. “Unavailable.” What kind of sick joke…

But what’s a girl to do? It was the holidays – every one had holiday parties!

So, I didn’t get the dress. That time…

January 2013 028

But then, last week, I made an amazing revelation. Leah’s wedding!! I would have a reason to get another dress (if I wanted). And oh my goodness I wanted that dress! Easy as that, it was booked. They send two sizes, to ensure a perfect fit. If the dress does not work, you can ship it back within 24 hours and they will refund you. Shipping the dresses back is incredibly easy as they add a pre-paid USPS bag with the dresses. While it is a bit on the expensive side, to splurge on a beautiful dress like the one I received once a year is fine by me.

If you have a special event coming up, I would highly recommend the process. It beats buying a new dress for every wedding and only wearing it one other time (if you are lucky…). SO, would you rent an expensive dress? Would you trust it would fit?

January 2013 033

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