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Witness Happiness (Jon and Leah’s Wedding)

January 16, 2013

 Jon and Leah | Ty Photography  

I was not involved with last weekends wedding like I was for Miken Leah’s. I was not there during the rehearsal. I was not there during set up. I was not with the groom as he grew with anticipation on Saturday morning. I was not at the salon with the bride as she patiently awaited walking down the aisle. I was not there as, I’m positive, details went wrong (but then came back together).

But I was there, sitting in the pews at Holy Rosary, completely overtaken with the happiness that filled the cathedral, to witness the beginning of the new life of Jonathan and Leah Niese. Everyone there felt so blessed to share that moment with two very special people.

Jon and Leah | Ty Photography

And we were all there, at the reception hall, watching that white dress glide across the dance floor with her new husband. Watching her father doing Gangnam Stlye and the groom squeeze his mama close. We had the best music (country), the best food, and the best company.

We all witnessed their happiness and wish them a lifetime full of love. Congratulations Jonathan and Leah! How blessed we are to have two people like you in this world.

The Shellhammer | Happiness

{Beautiful two photos above via Ty Photography; Last photo via my Instagram}


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