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Flavor | Avocado, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad

January 8, 2013

Holiday Potluck

Remember our Holiday Party we had in our teeny apartment before I took a little break? We really did have the best time, slowly drinking on a Sunday night thinking about how insanely busy the next few weeks would be. And then all of the sudden, we are here almost 4 weeks later, after trips to Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Cancun, and Pakistan. (Aren’t we just the travelling group?) If I were to remember one detail from that night, it has to be the food. And it seems that everyone who saw the picture above also wanted to know about that salad.

And, to be completely candid, that salad was one of the freshest bites I had tasted during the murky winter. But it is also comfort. Fresh tomatoes and gooey mozz tossed with balsamic can make you dream of summer even during the coldest days.

My sister thought so too. She was so insistent, in fact, that she made me get the recipe from Aaiza so we could have that salad on the table for Christmas. Do you want to know what Aaiza told me?

She said, “The recipe, I’ll tell you what it is. But you will laugh.” I didn’t laugh, I sent it to Whitney and devoured it on Christmas Day, just like I did at our party. The reason she said that we will laugh is because it truly is that easy. “No chef here,” she added. (She obviously is.)

Avocado, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad
Cherry Tomatoes
Olive Oil

Cut up the tomatoes, avocados, and mozzarella into chunks. (There are no amounts above because you can make as big or as small of a salad as you want, just use equal parts.)

Add salt and pepper to taste. Lightly drizzle olive oil and balsamic over the salad and toss.


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