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Good Mood Monday

January 7, 2013


Hi! It has been so long. Over two weeks! I’ve missed you so much but I’ve been busy — busy with Christmas, busy with family, busy with travel, busy with New Years, busy with 2013 (already!) and busy with a running nose through it all.

I really have missed you though. So much. Everyday I kept thinking, “Oh, Al, you have to write about that. And that. And definitely that!” So now I’m here to catch you up a bit on life not in the city. Because I was barely here.

But first, I suppose, I will let you be in a good mood with me. Because it is nice to be back. The concrete has started to sooth my insatiable need for nature. That will take a bit more time…

1. Christmas. Because what could be better than being home for 5 days with your family to celebrate “The Best Present of All“. Typically, everyone is in good spirits. We are all home and we are able to see entire families we only get to see a few times a year. Makes you miss it…

2. Surprises. (Duh!) We pulled an ultimate surprise this year for Josh’s grandpa. Everyone gathered for his retirement and he had no clue! It was probably the best surprise ever because none of us said anything when he walked in. All you could hear was Jace softly, and then louder, saying “Surprise…Surprise….SURPRISE!” Needless to say, grandpa had no idea. (Below is a picture of Frey and Finn being surprised by a Mickey-in-the-Box — dying with laughter — like “No Way Mickey Jumps Out At Me Every TIME!”)



3. Cookie Monsters. I’m a cookie monster. I cannot deny my love for anything sweet. I’ve already had a Reeses’s cup this morning and am guaranteed to have another piece of chocolate before the end of the day. I’m not ashamed. Well, we’ve got the next generation of cookie monsters on our hands and I am so excited!


Cookie monster

4. Trains. Frey got trains for Christmas. Are you at all surprised by this? Even better though, he got The Polar Express Train. The real one… with a “hairbow” on top and everything. (“Hairbow” means “Hobo” in Frey language.) We all kept opening presents and Frey would sneak behind the couch to watch the train go through the mountains and the pass the caribou. We had to coerce him into opening more presents. Santa is just too good.


5. Taking Pictures. I have fallen in love with my camera and who is to say that would not happen? The past two weeks I have been able to capture so many moments with something better than an iPhone. And we even have the next generation following in our footsteps!


6. Beer. This just made me laugh out loud for days! I want to go buy it! Of course, sharing real beers with friends makes me pretty happy too.


7. Cheesers. He is too good at it. Anytime you take a picture, this is the face he does. Maybe I can do a post this week of all 30 pictures I took of this face, just like that. Hopefully it doesn’t freeze. But then again, how cute would it be if it did!


8. Traditions. What are your holiday traditions? This is one of my favorites and I think it started this year, now that Frey is so interesting in the grill. You may not recognize Zach without his mustache from Thanksgiving, but here they are again, grilling the most fantastic turkey ever made for Christmas. Basting away as we all watch.


9. Colorado. Have you ever been? Ah, it truly is majestic! I love everything about Colorado, from 16th Street in downtown Denver, to horseback riding is Ouray, to hiking in Vail. It’s cold but it’s worth the winter visits. (PS: Did you know I want to move there someday?)

photo 2


10. Faith. It’s a new year. We are so blessed. I am beyond excited to see what 2013 brings!


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  1. sara sklenka permalink
    January 7, 2013 1:15 pm

    umm excuse me you forgot the best part about this specific Monday!

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