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Glee does everything better..

December 20, 2012

You don’t agree? I may accuse you of being wrong. If you have heard a song sung by the Glee cast, you would know the words far better than the original singer (I still can’t figure out why that happens but sometimes it just hits you, “OH! That’s what they have been saying!”) You will also be completely immersed in the scene; the dancing, the lights, the actors. You simply cannot take your eyes off them. And they are all amazing singers, broadway stars even! So I continually ask why people are still criticizing the show that takes some very intense issues, “humorizes” them, and sings. Who could want anything else out of a show!? (And a girl from northwest Ohio who moves to New York City to make it happen doesn’t hurt.)

Please note that some of the songs below are my favorites (Home, The Scientist) and there is still something about the Glee version.

Demi, Give Your Heart a Break:

Glee (Lea):

Fun, Some Nights:

Glee (Darrin):

Phillip Phillips, Home:


Coldplay, The Scientist:



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