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Inspirational Tuesday

December 18, 2012

Last Friday, another terrible event happened that made us squeeze our loved ones a little harder. But what we always find from circumstances like this is they bring our country together in ways we forgot we could interact. You begin to see people as people, realize that every life is important. We intrinsically begin to realize the value that we have to offer, the thought that when we were 6 years old, we had the world in front of us to become who we are today. And the thought that everyone deserves that chance, no matter what their own story is.

The inspiration that comes our of tragedy can not be compared to any other type of words. Because actions happen instead. People mobilize, people do.

That’s why this story, out of every story, hit the hardest to me. 26 beautiful lives were sent Home on Friday. And for that, you can commit #26Acts of Kindness to pay tribute forward. The Twitter community, which includes billions of people, is now connected through this hashtag. Simply say what you are going to do with #26Acts and watch the tweets unfold before you. You will get ideas, inspiration, and, maybe, some closure that this is why suffering has to happen. Somehow, it created good.

Read more about what some lovely people are doing in their own communities here. And to participate, join Twitter and pay forward!

(I will be participating too!)


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