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Good Mood Monday

December 17, 2012

Christmas frustration has set in. I could feel it running through my body as I sat on the plane last night for an additional hour after landing. And then again when the cab driver decided he went the wrong way after 30 minutes of driving. But I have learned to let it go. No stress is needed. There are far more tragic things happening in this world than traffic jams. (I will not divulge on the events from Friday, just know my thoughts and prayers are settled 65 miles north.) But there are still some small aspects from this past week that truly made me smile that I can’t help but share.

1. A Duck Call. Our Finny finally figured out his duck call. He couldn’t be more excited!

2. Bachelorette Parties. My dear friend is getting married in about 4 weeks and this weekend we celebrated her bachelorette party with some of the greatest girls in the world. I can not even describe how much fun we had throughout the entire night. Simply can’t believe another one is getting married and I can hardly wait to make my way back home to see her marry her best friend.


3. Late Nights with Mama. After a late Thursday night, why wouldn’t I stay up late with my mom on Friday, talking about anything and everything under the sun. Nights like that are worth the heavy Saturday eyes.

4. Train Rides. Speaking of Saturdays, we all got to go with Frey on a his birthday train ride to see Santa! He couldn’t contain his excitement, first in line. Santa even put him on his extra good list for being so patient watching all the other boys and girls go before him.


5. Giving. Even though I was caught at the airport last night and unable to really help, our church made out 50 cards to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We were able to stuff each card with a $100 Target gift cards. They will be giving them away on Saturday and I cannot wait to hear how it goes.


6. New Cookbooks. My wonderful boss gave me one of the best Christmas presents a girl could ask for today: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! If you don’t read her blog, you need to go there right now! Deb Perelman cook ingenious meals right out of her tiny NYC apartment. Gives me a little hope for my cooking future.

7. An Insane Christmas Party. Josh’s “Holiday” Party was last Thursday at the Natural Museum of History. The entire night was full of sparkle and stars under the planetarium. I’m convinced there is not a better venue in the city. Everything, from the violinist to the ballet dancer, was planned perfectly and will be difficult to beat.


8. Christmas Songs. I’m at a place where I am ready to listen to the music. There is only one more week so I guess it’s time.

9. Pizza. Can’t get enough! Ever.

10. A Song. To put you in the Christmas spirit…


(Giving picture thanks to Matt!)

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