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Holiday Gatherings

December 12, 2012

White Elephant

I firmly believe that holiday gatherings should be simple, filled with good food and good company. I agree that the apartment should be clean but think that Josh and I took it to the extremes this weekend. Next time, we’ll know better.

We invited some friends over for a potluck dinner and a white elephant this past Sunday. Somehow, every type of food brought left you wanting more. Whether is was Jayne’s goat cheese and caramelized onions, Steph’s crostini’s, Aaiza’s mozzarella and avocado salad, or Marty’s pigs n’ a blanket, you just couldn’t resist grabbing one more bite. I will, obviously, start bothering my friends for all of their recipes because I’m not sure I can live without that deliciousness.

Holiday Potluck

The best part about the party was the white elephant. Have you ever done one? Each guest has to bring a gift, unmarked, and set it in a pile with all of the other gifts. Everyone draws numbers (based on how many guests are there). Then you start choosing gifts in order. Number one picks something, unwraps it and showcases it to everyone. Number 2 can either steal Number one’s gift or choose a new gift. And so on until all of the gifts have been unwrapped and have an owner.


We, surprisingly, only had two steals the entire game. There were some awesome gifts, funny gifts, and “practical” gifts. Some of the highlights? Jess ended with a surge protecter (a cool one, of course) thanks to Josh. Steph opened a wonderful mustche mug from Steve. Jayne got a $20 gift certificate to J. Crew (!) from Steph and Logan. Steve opened a Martini set from CB2 from Aazia. Overall, it was exciting to see what people bought, kept, and stole!

Awkward Family Photos

Fun games!


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