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How to get a small apartment ready for Christmas

December 11, 2012


What are you doing to get ready for the holidays? In New York, most people live in teeny apartments and pretend like its home. For the holidays, you will see Christmas tree shops appear on the streets out of thin air. Some of the trees they sell are 10 feet high and some are 2 feet. (My guess is most people go with the little ones and I always find myself wondering who the lucky people are who buy the big ones that fit their high ceilings.)


I’m not a huge proponent of Christmas is the current sense. I’m not one to blast Christmas music in October or even give shopping a thought until, well, now. But around the holidays, I do like to come home to a Christmas spirit.


You can find decorations anywhere and it is easy to overwhelm that small space. For this reason, and because of the mess of real trees, we decided to not buy a tree this year. Instead, we put up some glass trees that Josh’s mom had bought us 3 years ago. I bought some bright ornaments from Urban Outfitters and mixed them with some blue and silver stars from Crate & Barrel for a coffee table centerpiece and to hang in the window from twine. And Christmas, at least in my house, is not complete without some greens hanging over bookcases to fill the room with a bit more light. Now when I get home at night it feels like Christmas.

But I miss the smell of a real tree…


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  1. December 11, 2012 2:33 pm

    looks pretty cozy : )


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