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World (AIDS) Day

December 4, 2012

Unmask AIDS

Do you remember a few years ago when all you saw at Gap was their (Red) line trend? It was very popular. Now, they are creating more hipster like tee-shirts that are more comfortable than you can ever imagine. Aren’t they just gorgeous?Gap

Speaking of World AIDS Day, I was lucky enough to participate in an event last Thursday to help raise money for the AIDS Service Center of New York. ASCNY held their 21st Anniversary “Unmask AIDS” Gala at the Bryant Park Grille (which is not only a beautiful venue with the New York Public Library and the Bryant Park Rink as backdrops, but also graces its guests terrific food!). The volunteers were able to dress fancy and wear masks the whole night while speaking with donors and handing out hand-made masks to go along with the festivities. We had so much fun helping with such an elegant event! While HIV/AIDS may be controlled more now than ever before, there is still no cure for this disease. The statistics have changed rapidly to affecting more women than ever before and education and awareness are still highly necessary to beat this disease once and for all. Thank you to all who planned and participated!

Unmask AIDS

Unmask AIDS 5

Unmask AIDS 3

Unmask AIDS 6

Unmask AIDS 7

Miss Manhattan and ck swett


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