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Good Mood Monday

November 26, 2012

This past week has been absolutely wonderful and, until today, I have not thought of anything but being in a good mood constantly. But then, as I stressed through airport security last night and rushed onto my 6:00 pm flight back to La Guardia where the only place for my carry on was above seat 25A and I was sitting in 5B, it hit me. That headachy, stuffy nose, sore body kind of feeling. I sat down feeling a bit light-headed and passed out for most of the plane ride. I was most likely snoring or slobbering but I can’t be sure of which (if not both). I woke up about 100 miles out gasping for air because my nose was completely closed. No medicine in sight…

I literally said to my mom that morning how crazy it was that I had not been seriously ill since moving to New York which is just odd because I typically get strep or the flu about 4 times a year. Well, I must have jinxed myself because it hit that fast and now every time I blink my head throbs. So while I am not in an amazing mood, I would not trade the last 5 busy days for the world.

1. Gatherings. This past week, and I suppose for the next month, has been full of gatherings. Whether we were at Stella’s with Josh’s high school friends, with families on Thanksgiving day, at Luckies with my high school friends (5 years!) or just watching The Game with our boys, all we did was gathered. I loved every ounce of every minute.

2. 12-0. It was closer than I anticipated but in the end, the Bucks were able to rush the field in a 26-21 win over the team up north creating a perfect season for Ohio State. While we are not eligible for any post-season play, I am proud of the year they had. They could have given up before it even started. (On a side note, you can — and should — vote for The Burlsworth Trophy until the end of the day today. Jordan Kovacs, Michigan’s starting safety, deserves your vote!)

3. “The Holidays”. The music has started and the temperature has dropped. Shopping must ensue…

4. When Christmas Comes to Town. Frey knows every line to this wonderful song and I makes me so happy to hear him sing it.

5. Capture. Last Tuesday I made a big purchase, a Nikon D5100. I could not contain my joy at the store and still cannot think of not having it in my hands. Overall, I took 600 pictures in 5 days. Oops?

6. Decorating. Last year, we bought a small Christmas tree to have in our small apartment. Since it was real, needles filled the floor and sweeping took place every day but the smell was comforting. I’m torn about what to do this year — should we invest in another live tree, buy a small fake one, or do something completely new to create the Christmas spirit when people walk in our door? (Too much?)

7. Short lines. My flight was quick last night and upon landing, I went straight for the taxi line. It has been known in the past to get a little out of control, especially on a Holiday weekend. I waited for about a half an hour in the cold. However, when I jumping in my cab and looked back at the line, it was about 10 times as long! I nearly fainted in thankfulness.

8. Waking up at home. Nothing beats waking up in the comfort of your own bed. I still consider that my Ohio home, with my cat at my side and the sun coming through the white curtains. I would wake up there everyday if I could.

9. Movember. If you do not know about Movember, read up on it. What an amazing movement this has become here in the US, and the world, for prostate cancer and Men’s Health.  I love walking around and witnessing all of the amazing (and terrible) mo’s of the city men. If you would like to donate and don’t know someone personally taking part, I’m sure my brother would appreciate a hand or my friend Marty.

10. 100. This very post is my 100th post on this blog. When I first started writing, I literally was only writing for my family. I still really am writing for them but know there are many more readers. I hope for 100 more (quicker) posts and maybe another couple thousand on top of that.

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