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November 13, 2012

When I lived in Ohio and “commuted” to my campus job, I walked 1 miles (25 minutes) through snow, wind, and hail to the admissions office. (Not really hail, mostly sun to be honest.) When I interned at Cardinal Health, I drove 17 miles from campus to Dublin and it was always easy-going.

But commuting now-a-days in New York is a bit different. I take the subway. And commuting, especially in the last two weeks, is never as easy as you think it is going to be. I live approximately 3 miles from work and it still takes me 20 minutes. Mostly because of signs like this…

Only to have this happen.

And this…

Train advisories start looking like this

So, inevitably, I have been running late every morning regardless of leaving my apartment 20 minutes earlier than usual.

So read more about commuting, check out this fun article! This goes for you drivers, bikers, ferry-ers, and train-ers too!!

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  1. Whitney Breanne permalink
    November 13, 2012 2:20 pm

    quit skyping in the mornig and get to work on time!

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