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Good Mood Monday

November 12, 2012

We are inching closer and closer to Thanksgiving and we finally have blue skies on the east coast! That right there is enough to put me in the most wonderful of all moods! But, here are some more reasons.

1. The Sunny Side of the Street. The sun decided to make a big comeback this weekend and we needed it for so many reasons. This song should be nostalgic for you, Miken.

2. Mexican Food. I love tacos and quesadillas and guacamole and salsa and chips. So having a weekend, quite literally, full of Mexican food was amazing.

3. Perusing SoHo. What a marvelous thing to live a short walk away from every shop you can imagine. We wandered around Barbour and Jack Spade and Piperlime. We ate brunch at Back Forty West and soaked in the sunshine, probably in fear that it will soon be gone forever. I delivered some cookies to the Bake Sale and bought some cookies to bring home, like I needed any more! It took place at Dwell Studios, which I absolutely fell in love with!

4. New notebooks. Emmie sent me a new notebook that she made from scratch. It is now my most treasured possession and will tag along everywhere I go.

5. A beautiful poem about love. Understand, I’ll slip quietly away from the noisy crowd when I see the pale stars rising, blooming over the oaks. I’ll pursue solitary pathways through pale twilit meadows with only one dream: you come too. – Rainer Maria Rilke

6. Skype. I was lucky enough to get an early morning Skype session with Whit, Frey and Finn! Tell me how my day could get better.

7. Fake windows on real buildings. I never noticed this building before, but I laughed out loud when I saw it yesterday afternoon. There are two real windows and the rest are painted! Beautiful art in SoHo.

8. Mott Street. Ahh, if I were moving tomorrow, I would move to Mott to look out onto yellow leaves, artsy shops, and coffee shops.

Enjoy this lovely week!

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