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Conversations with 2 year olds.

November 12, 2012

It is so fun to watch Jace and Frey grow up! Both of them are within two months of being three years old and I can now have full-fledged conversations with them on the phone. To be fair, Frey still says “Buh-Bye!” after every other sentence but he never hangs up. He must miss his Aunt Ali. (Finny is growing too — can’t wait to talk to that boy on the phone!)

The only problem I run into is the threatening question of “Where’s Josh?” If I tell them he’s not home or busy, I can’t help but feel they are upset. Do toddler boys love men — or is it just Joshy?!

Last week, we were Skyping with Jace and he started to tell us about this party he was planning. He went on and on about what he was going to buy for this party, who was coming, and food he was going to make and eat. We later found out there was no party and he just wanted to tell us about something! What. A. Nut. (I am supposed to update this to explain that Jace calls “parties” “pawwties”, making an already adorable kiddo a millions times more adorable!)

Frey is all about being funny too. “Whitney’s best friend,” as Frey calls Ashley, taught him a joke that he really never stops talking about. “Aunt Ali…is your refrigerator running?” Yes. “Well catch it!!” And this is followed by fits of laughter over the phone. When I replied he should go catch, his response was simply no. It was too fast for him.

His new question to ask me, however, is if superman saved me. The first thing he said to me this morning? “Hi, Aunt Ali. Did Superman save you?” I was all sorts of confused until Whitney explained that they watched the 2001 version of Superman Returns last week. As soon as he saw Kate Bosworth with brown, curly waves, he thought it was me. That means I am officially Lois Lane in his eyes.

Loving their imagination.

(Top photo and bottom photos taken my by sister, middle photo thanks to: Mon| tography)

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  1. Amy Marrison permalink
    November 13, 2012 8:37 am

    The pictures in here totally made my day!!! 🙂

  2. Whitney Breanne permalink
    November 13, 2012 12:12 pm

    My babies!!! ❤
    They sure do love their Aunt Ali… and Josh! hehe

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