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The Aftermath of Sandy: Christmas

November 8, 2012

For some of us, yesterday evening and this morning created such a beautiful spectacle outside our warm windows. The snow fell hard onto the courtyard trees, bringing the last of the still green leaves to the ground. Somehow, over the past two weeks, New York City transformed from green to white with no yellow and red leaves in between. I am both saddened for the lack of fall and delighted as I believe that if it is going to be below freezing, you might as well add a little snow for some pictures.

(This photo thanks to: The New York Times)

I missed the first snowfall last year due to an Ohio State vs. Wisconsin victory in Columbus but was so happy to witness the beginning of winter this year. While walking home last night, I found that more and more streets are beginning to twinkle with Christmas lights and the early signs of shopping season are upon us. The evergreens have been lifted above Macy’s and the red, velvet bows are being tied around trees.

I cannot believe after the quickness, dreariness, and damage of the last two weeks, the city has begun to think about Christmas. But, we are somehow so close!

For others of us, the snow came as an unwelcome burden. Those who remain homeless or with no heat are left to shelters. We are constantly praying that the power will magically reappear but know that all is being done that can be done.

Once again, if you are interested in helping out the east coast, check out the links here. If you would like to directly donate to one particular family in need, please click here. (Story can be seen here!)

Also, stop by this totally rad bake sale in SoHo this weekend where all benefits will be going to The Mayors Fund that directly supports the victims of Hurricane Sandy. (Thanks to: Samantha Hahn, Erin Jang, and Joanna Gooddard!)


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