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Rockwood Music Hall

November 7, 2012

My love affair with Rockwood started so early in New York City and has been intertwined throughout my every day life in a way that I know I will forever be committed to its charm. When I walk past the 3 staged building listening intently pretending I can hear the vocals flowing through the doors, my mind becomes transfixed on the artists inside. Where they are from, what small town west of the east has built their lives and their voices and their talent that ushered them to New York City.

My first “date” with Rockwood was last autumn when a friend asked to go and watch a Columbus, Ohio band that I had never heard of, The Floorwalkers. Rockwood has three stages and, for the most part, will have a band on the hour every hour throughout every night on each of those stages. Stage two has a balcony where you can sit for hours with good music, good beer, and good company. It is somewhat of a small town, where every one who comes in is treated like a regular even though the crowds get so dense walking is not an option.

Soon after my first experience, my dear friend from home came for a visit and introduced me to her boyfriend, Eddie. Ironically, he happens to work at Rockwood. Throughout the past year, I have found myself at Rockwood on many random occasions, stopping in to hear a quick song after kickball games or on my way home from Epstein’s. Any time Kelsey comes to town, I find myself admiring the sounds yet again, the most recent time experiencing their newest addition of a bar behind the stage which opens up to Orchard Street. We celebrated her birthday in the quiet bar after the bands had wrapped up for the night. When my parents came to visit in July, they stumbled upon it without any direction from me. They sat for hours, listening and not even thinking twice about skipping dinner. The music is consistently that good.

And last night was no different. My mom’s friend was in town to listen to her son, Lucas’, band play. Regardless of the election, I couldn’t resist the temptation of more good music so I wandered south to the corner of Houston and Allen again and fell in love with a new band and made new friends. The sound was amazing and I find myself longing for the new Inland Traveler BP.

Rockwood truly is the best place to listen to music in the city. (I should mention that these are free concerts unless otherwise noted here.)

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  1. November 7, 2012 1:24 pm

    your mom and dad have great memories of visiting you in new york and the Rockwood is definetly one of them <3….hope to visit new york in 2013 and discover the Rockwood too : )


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