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Sandy, Safe and Sound

November 5, 2012

As you know, the past week has not been the easiest for the east coast. Devastation has taken over and while I have not been able to watch the news since last Monday, I can assume that things are still quite bleak in many different areas based on the hearsay on the street. My heart and prayers go out to all those who are still reeling from the effects of Sandy.

In response to the storm and the 6 days of “darkness”, there are a few people of whom I am indebted as I proceeded through the week with no power, heat, or hot water (and barely any pressure to go with it the cold!).

First, our dear friends Jayne and Steve who knocked on our door at 11:00 am on Tuesday morning to make sure everything was OK. And to invite us over for food that had to be devoured. We had delicious burgers on the grill and coffee and tea. Their gas stove was working as well! Entertainment lasted for hours and continued into the night by adding more friends, Marty and Jess, to play games.

Secondly, my Upper East Side Friends. On Wednesday as many of my dear East Villagers headed back to their uptown jobs that remained “power-ful”, I was left in the dark. There was nothing to do but wander north to take a shower at a gym on 50th and Madison. Unfortunately, the line was incredibly long to get to the showers so I continued walking north to 83rd to see my “bestie”, order pizza, and take a hot shower.

Next up is Bri who kept my mind stimulated on Thursday by giving me books and company. She resides on the “line”. The separation from power and no power (NoPo, as it is now being called). She would stare out her bedroom window at night at high rises blinding her with electricity as her apartment became denser in darkness. Thanks for Thursday!

And my boss, Allie, who was going through worse conditions that me but still walked 3 miles to get her laptop in case anything came up at work. She also didn’t make me feel guilty for being unable to work.

Thanks to Con Ed…yes, Con Ed, for keeping us so very well-informed with Twitter during the mess. While I could only obtain 3G north of 40th, it was your tweet that got everyone home!

Finally, a huge thanks to Matt, Lisa, and Ava who let me crash in Queens when I finally became fed up with candles, no water pressure, and no cell service. I was able to stimulate my mind, sleep warmly, take a warm shower, and visit the Museum of Moving Image.

While there is much more to say about the week last week, I feel in no way as damaged, hurt, or displaced as many are around me. I have had the chance to read a few articles that highlight many different perspectives of the storm and find myself selfish for craving milk and Pinterest. But, I suppose, normalcy is the word everyone begins to hope for.

If you want to hear some interesting (and sad) stories, click here, here and HERE.

If you want to help, click here, here, and here…and here!

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the below pictures…

Breezy Point.

Financial District.

Ground Zero.


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