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Good Mood Monday

November 5, 2012

While I wrote last Monday about all of the things that put me in a good mood, the power went out in my apartment. I could tell it was going to happen as our beautiful tree outside started pounding on our window and our curtains began to blow while the windows were sealed shut. But within the last week, the moments that put me in a good mood shifted quite a bit.

Last week…

1. Brooklyn. Always, without fail, does Brooklyn put me in a good mood. We went to dinner on Friday night at a small, low lit restaurant in Williamsburg. I tried a new food, as requested by my favorite blogger, and to my surprise fell in love with goat sausage. (It tastes just like regular sausage.) We drank cocktails and enjoyed our time acting like we belonged there. 

2. This storm. Today, Monday, this storm has put me in a place I never thought I would be. Home from work, sitting on my couch, writing. It is an amazing feeling. And while I do feel our power will go out eventually (you should see our tree in the courtyard), for now, I will enjoy my time off. Especially because Josh is home too.

3. Halloween Week. Apparently Halloween is a HUGE deal in Manhattan. I have never witnessed as last year I was in Columbus for a big Wisconsin game (which we won, no surprise). There are parades and everyone dresses up. In Manhattan, Halloween is for the adults, not for children. While everyone went out on Saturday (I did too!), it seems that people will again be going out dressed up on Wednesday. Unless Sandy gets in the way, I can’t tell yet.

4. 9-0. Sorry Penn State.

5. My mom’s birthday! It’s this week and I am so excited – even though I do not get to celebrate with her.

This week…

1. Water. This weekend, hot water put me in a good mood because I could take a shower in my apartment with good pressure and it was hot!

2. Milk. I drink milk. A lot of milk and I had to go without it for an entire week. When Logan ordered 3 desserts on Friday night to celebrate our power coming back, we ordered 3 sets of milk and cookies. I was the only one who drank the milk.

3. Heat. Thursday afternoon as I visited with Bri, I found my fingers and toes start to tingle with the temperature. It was about 45 degrees outside and not a single apartment below 40th street had heat. When I came home Friday night to a warm apartment, I couldn’t help but smile.

4. Electricity. I have survived power outages before. Growing up in Ohio, we had our share of tornado watches. But never for longer than 24 hours. 5 days is a bit much to be scared to walk out of your building at night in fear of the “crazies” because they were out.

5. Cable and Internet. While these were the least of my concerns, they do subdue boredom and create something to do when there is, in fact, nothing else to do.

6. Cell Phones. We didn’t have cell phone service below 14th street. Meaning after the storm swooped through, I couldn’t call my parents to let them know I was OK and that the transformer that blew up a few blocks away didn’t kill me. For a whole week, we had to search for 3G bars in the neighborhood, or trek north.

7. Speaking of my mothers birthday…I did get to speak to her eventually last Tuesday. Made my day!

8. Macbook Pro. Officially a Mac with my pro at my side. Thanks Josh!

9. 10-0. Not much else to say except O-H…

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  1. sara sklenka permalink
    November 5, 2012 11:01 pm

    thanks for keepin me employed (for the next month or so) by being a milk drinker! momma taught you well.

  2. November 6, 2012 10:22 am

    As always a good read….Good thing i didn’t know that the transformer was anywhere NEAR U! What a relief to know Whitney and U were safe and sound and all our family members that left the midwest for the east coast (which i feel in love with this summer)
    Like U…Whitney has never been out of power for more than 24 hours….so U 2 will have lots of shared stories….They got power sunday evening : ) xoxo <3<3<3

    • November 6, 2012 10:37 am

      We can pretend it wasn’t close! So happy Whit is safe and sounds… The LIRR Ronk line seems to be back up as of yesterday so I will have to go visit and share stories 🙂

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