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TV Nostalgia

October 25, 2012

Do you ever smell certain smells, see something or hear an intriguing word that instantly takes you back to another time? My boss, Allie, just keeps saying things that literally take me back to middle school.

We were simply talking about Maria Menounos’ dress the other day (yes, I talk about fashion from time to time, contrary to popular belief) and I found out that she was an anchor on Channel 1. Channel 1! I believe we used to watch it for 15 minutes every morning in our 22 minute homeroom. And it had real news for students. I’m not sure how much everyone paid attention, but whoa, that was such a flash back. And apparently, it’s still on! I may have to add to my list of shows or websites to visit…

And then, today, we somehow got on the topic of the TV show Early Edition. Do you remember that? As soon as it came out of Allie’s mouth the recollection of a newspaper from tomorrow being dropped on this guys doorstep and he somehow had to figure out how to change the future came to mind. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t. I was only 10 but apparently that show had some sort of last affect in the spider webs of my memory. Like Wishbone did.

(To be clear, we came upon the Early Edition topic by means of: Nashville > Connie Britton > Friday Night Lights > Connie Britton Character’s Husband on Friday Night Lights > Kyle Chandler > Early Edition.)

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