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Flavor | Northern Spy Food

October 24, 2012

Northern Spy Food has been a staple for Josh and I since we moved to our itsy apartment on the East Side. Every weekend when the thought begins to process about where to go for dinner, the first thing out of Josh’s mouth is Northern Spy. If you ask him, it is #1 in the city all around for good food and a good time. Granted, his time spent there is always with me and only me.

This particular trip was a bit unexpected. Although, perhaps I should have expected it given the area we started our Saturday evening in: Urgent Care, Flatiron District. We then had to go pick up my prescriptions (yes, 3 to be exact for this silly finger, which I still cannot type with) at the only pharmacy that was open at 9:00 pm on a Saturday, the sketchy CVS on 14th and 1st Avenue. (Dirthole.) And it didn’t matter anyway because CVS was shutting down their entire system that night for maintenance so I couldn’t snatch the pain meds and antibiotics. (Dirthole!)

But, as we walked out of the store on a perfectly crisp autumn night, there was nothing to do but eat. Hence I should have assumed Josh’s enthusiasm and bright eyes before he mentioned that Northern Spy was a few short blocks away. But I didn’t. As we started walking south on 1st Ave, he finally said it out loud. “Are you feeling OK? Let’s grab dinner.” “Where do you want to go?” was my flighty return. “Um, Northern Spy?” He looked at me as if I were dumb.

OK Josh, you win. For the 500th time this year, we will go to Northern Spy Food and we will enjoy it, again.

So we walked two blocks, happily, put our name in the small, country restaurant, grabbed a beer next door at Double Wide (hehe) and the next thing I knew, we were crowded into our tiny bench near the front of the restaurant chatting about how absolutely famished we actually were.

Since we are basically regulars, I rarely take in the charm behind the quaint little spot; the white paneling, the green wallpaper, and the antiqued mirrors. The lighting is low, as is the lighting in most city restaurants but different in its own spy way. The waiters and waitresses always know the best pairings on the menu and have great wine suggestions. That night, our usual Pinot Noir.

And our usual cheese plate from Food Matters Again. We die for cheese plates.

And Josh’s usual pork from Flying Pigs Farms. That night’s cut? Shoulder, apparently the best.

Plus we got a side of the most amazing Feta Corn (from Philips Farm in Lancaster County)!

And, much to everyone’s surprise, not my usual chicken. I had made the decision out loud to Josh on the walk over that instead of the perfect, melt in your mouth chicken, I was going to try something new. At this point in our relationship with NSF (can I call it that?), I decided I would actually look at the menu with regards to my changing tastes and love for new food. So I ordered the lamb from Elysian Farms. With yogurt and granola. Think about it. I cleared my plate as I so often do not do simply because of the portion sizes but this was amazing. Perfectly cut, perfectly paired.

And then we did something absolutely crazy. We ordered dessert. Not just any dessert, however. For once, it was something we both wanted (he likes fruity desserts with ice cream, I like chocolate). Grape struesel. It was like blueberry cheesecake without the cheese mixed with apple pie without the apples. We ate every last ounce of that cup and were still craving more.

In fact, I am still craving more. Another trip is gently requested. If you are looking for a less expensive way to enjoy Northern Spy, check out their Sunday Suppers for a three course meal with the freshest food for $24!


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