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Clothe yourselves with love…

October 10, 2012

When Miken and Tim got engaged last November, I thought for sure they would be going to some far away, beautiful location to share their vows discreetly. I thought I would be laying on a beach in Greece or St. Lucia with not a single worry on my mind except to soak in the sun and the love. When she mentioned that she wanted it all – the white dress, the people, the “wedding”, I was astonished. But I also knew that this was not going to be just some wedding in a church and a reception hall. The creativity was already taking over before they stumbled upon a friends horse barn. But when they saw this place, they saw all the possibilities.

Throughout the last 10 months, it seems that everyone has touched this barn to help in some way. People from both sides have been there painting, cleaning, gardening, building, or playing with the horses just to prepare for this one amazing day. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. We knew the work involved in creating an event space from a working barn is one of the most stressful and difficult things you can do, but the vision was there.

Once the week of the wedding came, it was time to truly flip the barn. Many of the time-consuming and large tasks could not be done until Thursday and Friday which did become a bit stressful. Since the dirt floor would not suffice for a dance floor, one had to be laid on Thursday across the entire arena. A generator had to be brought in when the lights were hung and because of the forecast, a heater was rented the day of. The brick had to be powerwashed, the fabric had to be hung, the out houses had to be set, the tables and chairs had to be brought in, the table numbers needed to be painted, the programs needed to be printed, the table arrangements had to be tied, and the barn needed to be decorated all within a 48 hour period.

By the grace of God and many helpful hands, it was all complete. And it exceeded all expectations.

As Miken slipped calmly into her vintage inspired dress, the wildflower bouquets were brought into the room. She snuck a peek out of the bedroom window to see the 250 guests arriving. Somehow she managed to remain calm; she must have been excited! Before we knew it, we were at the barn, walking down the red brick to the beautifully decorated fireplace alter. Frey was pulling Finn down the aisle in a red wagon saying “Finn is so heavy, Momma. Finn is heeaavvyy…” He made it, though. And he even handed the 1856 vintage Bible wrapped with burlap and twine, with the real rings attached, to the best man.

We intently listened to the hand-picked Bible verses as Sam read them and Ben speak on love. We watched as Miken and Tim exchanged their vows and their rings. For their Symbol of Unity, they had their parents write them a letter, and they themselves wrote letters to each other, and nailed them into a barn wood box to be opened on their first anniversary. They took communion together and were then pronounced husband and wife…

(Photos thanks to family friends Danyelle Clay and Amy Schlagater, top photos thanks to my Cybershot)


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