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Flavor | The best pizza in New York City.

October 3, 2012

The fact is, I love pizza. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. I find that many of my friends and family ask what I prefer: Chicago Deep Dish Style or New York Thin Crust Style. While I am incredibly partial to the thin, crunchy crust of my home in New York, every once in a while, I love digging my teeth into an inch thick crust.

But living in New York, I have had a rough time finding the best pizza ever. The first place I fell in love with was Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. I went here when I was volunteering for spring break back in college and I absolutely couldn’t dream of better pizza. The brick oven filled the room with warmth, not to mention all of the customers essentially sitting on top of each other ready to dig in. The line can be more than an hour on some nights but, with the Manhattan skyline being just in view and delicious sausage and pepperoni pizza in your thoughts, it is worth the wait. Now that they have moved locations (just down one block), the Brooklyn Bridge is even closer. (But the new location has started a spat with the previous owners.) Last year, when my parents came to visit New York for the first time, I made them come to Grimaldi’s with me. I’m going to have to say it was not the best decision of my life as it was the hottest day of the year (110 degrees!), we didn’t know the subways well enough to navigate quickly, and we pretty much had no idea where anything was in Brooklyn (or anywhere else for that matter). I think we walked 3 miles (in the heat) before we found everything we needed. Not to mention sitting in a non-airconditioned, fire-blazing-oven-infested pizza joint for 45 minutes. No, not the best idea. But incredible pizza regardless.

And then there is Numero 28. This is a more artisan style pizza with rotating seasonal specials that can’t be beat. The pear and walnut with gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese is one of my favorites. I may have eaten two whole pies in a week! The little restaurant in the heart of the East Village feels like an Italian cellar. It’s outside area is a prime people watching spot and, somehow, that makes the pizza taste that much better. Hint: if you order the largest size, you can get three different styles of toppings!

But the hardest type of pizza to find was pizza by the slice. In Columbus, walking down High Street at 1:00 am, Flying Pizza (Fly-Pi) always seemed like a great idea. Watching the world champion spin his dough for me made my eyes light up every Saturday. (Obviously because of the pizza!) Since Fly-Pi had its roots on the East Coast, I assumed when I moved here, it would be simple to find the best pizza by the slice in the world. For the first year, I turned out to be wrong. Until one night at a Mets game, Leah turned me to Two Boots in center field. Finally! Where have you been all my life!? (Or the past year, but whatever.) Come to find out, we have a Two Boots pretty darn close to our apartment and we may or may not have ordered it 3 times last month. And gone there one night for a slice. There specials are spectacular and all named after famous characters. And they also have a video store in each location and play old movies. Last time, Casablanca was on!

I am positive there are many more great pizza places in this city. Everyone likes to argue what their favorites are but I’m not sure anyone can beat mine. Even at 110 degrees, I crave more.

(Photos: Top by Bridge and Tunnel Club, Middle by Me via Instagram)


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