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Flavor | Oficina Latina

October 2, 2012

I’m debating whether I should tell you one more time that I love surprises or not. I guess I shouldn’t, I assume you get the point. And while my birthday dinner was not necessarily a surprise in the fact that I knew when it was, I still had no idea where is was. As we left the apartment, Josh decided to throw me for a loop by pretending to jet down streets only to make his way back to the same place we started. (Nerd.) When we arrived on Prince Street, I found it ironic that we had eaten in Nolita so many times over the past few weeks.

What was even more ironic? We walked into one of the same restaurants. Good thing I loved that one Josh, good thing. Ah, I was lost in the fact that he was taking me to all of those restaurants to be sure I liked them. And I really did LOVE Oficina Latina. I love that the decorations are crazy, and their staff is friendly, and they have tapas! As we walked to the back of the restaurant and turned the corner to go into the cellar, I will admit I was a little freaked out. But the downstairs room was cozy for everyone and most of my friends were there to “surprise” me. I guess that made everything perfect.

And the menu is amazing. I was reading some reviews on Yelp! and a lot of people were complaining that the menu was a mess. Gosh, I loved that it looked like a notebook and the writing wasn’t on the lines. I loved that you could choose tapas or and entrée and their drink menu is robust. Everyone ordered their favorites – mine being the Latin Cheese plate, lamb skewers, and meatballs. 5 cheeses on one plate! Nothing beats it. There was plenty tequilla to go around as well. It was the perfect place for a small get together and I am so glad everyone was able to celebrate!

We then went on to celebrate another friends birthday party at the Globe in Gramercy. (Happy birthday Elissa!!) And considering my love for globes, this was pretty much brilliant.

Thanks for all the birthday love!

(Top photo from Vegging Out. Bottom photo from Webstagram.)

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