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September 18, 2012

In fear of putting a damper on our memories of this trip to France, I am going to skip over telling you about the sketchy hotel with the dirty rooms that may or may not have been left to rot in orange since 1969 and move straight to Saturday morning when we switched our reservation over to the Palace de la Mediterranean. The complaining stopped instantly because Enzo was going to take care of us.

We dropped our bags and quickly headed out to explore the city that was Nice. Unfortunately, as we walked outside, we watched the dark clouds fill in the bright blue sky. It was miraculously beautiful, the divide between two opposite yet wonderful things. But we had to head inside for some breakfast in a small American cafe to wait it out. It passed quickly and soon enough we found ourselves shopping in Old Town buying shoes and gifts for everyone with no stopping ourselves. And of course we stopped for ice cream and macaroons in a candy shop on a narrow street. In fact, all of the streets were narrow in Old Town – with the colors of a sunset covering all of the shutters and buildings – orange and yellow and red. Around every corner there was another beautiful view. We went to an old Irish pub and tried apple beer (disgusting) and people watched as the rain decided to fall for a while longer.

Then we took a hike up the “mountain” just west of town. As we slowly circled the winding path, we found ourselves staring out at the most fabulous views of the sea and of Nice. The further up we went, the more blown away we became. Since it was evening and the dark storm clouds were headed east, the sun was trying to push itself through, creating the brightest blue water we had ever seen. I may have taken 200 pictures just of this walk – go on and judge but that water would have enticed you as well.

We made our way back down to the hotel, eventually, and landed reservations at an amazing little restaurant called Table de Trois. (But before we left, we downloaded BigTenNetwork 2 Go and watched a bit of the Ohio State vs. Miami game, because hey, we were in France but we are still Buckeyes!) When we sat down, we instantly noticed the chalkboard filled with the menu in the middle of the small room. When each table was seated, the chalkboard was rotated in their general direction so they could choose their meal instead of using individual menus. The wine list was written on a block of wood and distributed when asked. We ordered a bottle of Syrah, mushroom risotto, and le mac nissart (not the best choice given the anchovies…yuck!) to start. But we finished everything because it was so beautifully plated. I ordered the duck with fried ricotta and figs for dinner and Josh decided to order a cow. Almost a whole cow was brought out to him – it was insane. The couple next to us, from Ontario, was happy they didn’t order it but he finished it and it was perfect (as was my duck)!

Just a side note if you ever go to France, appetizers are made for one so typically everyone orders their own. But Josh and I would still switch plates half way through each meal. Hope that wasn’t rude!

On the way back to the hotel, we snatched another crepe and listened to some street music before calling it a night.


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