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September 12, 2012

Work has been busy this week. Really busy. I love it but it makes me want to sleep in a little later in the mornings and neglect the urge to put my feet on the ground, walk to the living room, and write. Just a few more minutes…please?

Yesterday, however, in the dazed sleep of 7:15 listening to Josh turn off the shower with my eyes closed, I shot up suddenly. I pattered to the living room and turned on the TV expecting to see all the news of the events of 11 years ago. I was disappointed when Matt Lauer was speaking about something that has no meaning like September 11th. I wondered why the events were not all everyone was talking about. In just a short 11 years, our “day which will live in infamy” has all but turned into Pearl Harbor – a date which is rarely talked about 71 years later. It’s quite concerning. No special speakers at the ceremony. I guess the names are all that matter – those 3,000 that Tuesday and the nearly 6,000 since then fighting in the Middle East. But I do pray people don’t forget in 60 years.

I am happy that our skyline is changing again. And happy to live here. And to work in a place that gives me this view every day.

Photo: Another skyline change - for the better.

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