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Paris revoir, bonjour Nice

September 10, 2012

As it so happens, we continued our journey the next day. The jet lag was gone, exhaustion was ahead but in the moment, we were exhilarated. We packed, as Friday was our last day in old Paris, took our suitcases downstairs, checked out, and, since our train wasn’t until 5, looked forward to one last day of long walks.

There were few things I wanted out of France: Pain au Cholcolat, Croque Madame, and Macaroons. So we, and the help of Rather Paris, set off to find the best Croque Madame in town and luckily, it wasn’t far away. After short walk over the Seine, passed the Louvre, and through the Jardin des Touilles, we came to a small breakfast cafe that may have acted as a pub in the evenings call A. Jean Nicol. While it wasn’t what we expected (small, quaint, and very French), we knew pretty much instantly it really was going to be the best breakfast ever. And the toast with ham, Gruyère, and egg was absolutely perfect. We both devoured the breakfast without speaking. We drank our tea and headed on our way, fully satisfied.

Our last adventure in Paris was to see the best view of the city from Montmartre. Our plan was to take a taxi but it proved to be difficult as we couldn’t find any lines so instead, we decided to be a bit daring and go for the Metro. It wasn’t that hard – I mean we only went the wrong way once! Thanks you MTA for teaching me how to read a subway map. So when we finally made our way to the 14 and transferred to the 12 and go off by Moulin Rouge, we felt we were right at home in the East Village. Come to find out, we have entered the clubbing district. And it was still as beautiful as the rest of the city. We headed up hill, San Francisco style, towards the view of Paris, stopping in a few Parisian shops along the way. And the first thing we did when we go to the top? Reward ourselves with a banana/Nutella crepe. And guess what? It wasn’t as good as New York! But we enjoyed it was we walk around the top of the hill. We enjoyed as we ran into a man wearing a scarlet and gray Ohio State shirt. We enjoyed it as we said “O-H” and he replied “I-O”. (Yes, even in Paris.) And we enjoyed it as we took in the views of the entire city. Remarkable.

As we headed to the taxi line to go back to the hotel and leave our Paris forever, we took in one last view of the Eiffel Tower and picked up some post cards. With our taxi driver being the nicest guy in the world, we listened to some hip French music all the way back to the hotel. He also pointed out the tunnel where Princess Di was killed and the 10 minute ride between the hotels she was travelling between. A somber end to our experience but worthwhile nonetheless.

Adieu Hôtel Saint-Vincent

Adieu Hôtel Saint-Vincent

When we arrived at the train station, we both were sad to say goodbye to Paris but excited to get to see a new part of France. The train ride was a smooth, comfortable, 200 mile an hour machine that took us straight through the French country side and wine country as we enjoyed another croque monsieur and some wine. In five hours, we were on the southern coast ready to take in the blue water and cliffs.


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