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How to throw the perfect Bridal Shower

August 24, 2012

This is truly one of the easiest things you can do: have amazing aunts that want to do it for you! That’s it! And it was gorgeous – all of the special touches were done just so.

They decided to have Miken’s shower at my Aunt Karen’s house and with her beautiful trees making canopy’s over the yard, who wouldn’t want a shower there? The theme was Mediterranean – with delicious tapas and gorgeous mis-matched linens on every long table. They used white plates, humus, and spider mums in vases in the center of the tables, adding more color to the mix. In the middle was a large rug and a rustic chair where Miken sat to open presents.

As guests started coming, you could see them look up to see jars with sand and candles hanging from all angles of the tent and a beautiful table filled with amazing food. (My one part of the shower was making dates but, because I was not an early riser, Miken and Judi ended up making most of them!) The display of wrapped asparagus, stuffed tomatoes, chicken salad, pita, olives, and dates was quite the sight and tasted as amazing as it looked. Even better was the dessert. Cupped delicately into glasses were layers of cheesecake, blueberries, strawberry ice cream, and all you can imagine. Everyone worked so hard to make everything look perfect.

Before Miken opened her presents, our aunts said a little something about Oil and Vinegar. In a relationship, each person is either (primarily) the Oil or the Vinegar, each adding their own flavor but when put together, tastes perfect. We had each person at the party write down if they were the Oil or the Vinegar in their relationships for Miken to keep. As prizes, Oil and Vinegar viles were given out to each guest to remember Miken’s special day.

It truly was a perfect shower.

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