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August 22, 2012


Since I’ve moved to New York, I haven’t gone to see many movies. Back home, I feel like that’s all we did in our spare time. Head to Franklin Park or Lenox, sneak in our snacks, and watch Bridesmaids or whatever happens to be playing. But here there seem to be so many other things to do rather than “waste your time” indoors at a movie.

The weekend Spiderman came out, Josh and I were talking about going to see it. Since we both desperately wanted to see Batman, we decided to not see both and wait to waste our time on Anne Hathaway (sorry Emma).

But when the opportunity arose to see a movie in Bryant Park, I couldn’t turn it down. Even after a long weekend home with weddings and bridal showers, when I landed on Monday evening, I headed straight to the park. Allie had waited in line to save a spot in the very back of the grass with her blanket. I grabbed some Chipotle and we ate and people watched until the movie began.

Plus they were showing one of the best movies of all time, Raiders of the Lost Ark, on a big screen in a park for free. Some people brought dates, wine, and picnics. Others brought fifteen blankets and tons of friends. The lawn was packed to the brim for the last night of the movies. The weather was perfect and so was Harrison Ford.



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