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Good Mood Mondays

August 14, 2012

Another Monday? Really? Another? Summer is slipping away and I am not sure if that makes me happy or sad. Hmm…but I do love fall.

1. Football Season. While the NFL means nothing to me (besides watching the Browns lose), college football runs my life. With Ohio State’s kickoff within the next few weeks, I am gearing up for the season. Too cheesy to buy this?

2. My New Phone Cover. I went with #4. I’m obsessed.

3. Nashville. Is this new show Glee for country fans who want more drama instead in laughs? And with Hayden? Looks like I may have found my new perfect show. After the Bachelor Pad, of course (Jamie, you are crazy and Chris, I will be voting you off you punk.)

4. Clappers. While walking to work last week, a group of “kids” (can I call college students kids yet – too soon?) started clapping as a group of business people walked across the street. They were shouting “Good for you! Well done! You look great!” Talk about a pick me up in the morning – better than coffee?

5. Bridal Showers and Weddings. My great friends, Katie and Craig, are getting married this weekend. It’s crazy and I am so excited to see them this weekend. BONUS: It’s Miken’s bridal shower this weekend too!

6. Sunday Night Baseball. We had a blast going to watch Jon pitch last night with Leah, as usual. I just love Citi Field.



7. Stand Up Comedy. After a relaxing afternoon with my cousin on Saturday, we went and met her at the Comic Strip in the Upper East Side. We laughed all night had a great evening.

8. Katniss. Yes, it is here. The Hunger Games DVD. I want to watch it a million times, over and over and over and over.

9. International Left Handers Day. Yes. Love.

10. This song for your week.

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  1. Zach permalink
    August 14, 2012 5:20 pm

    not too cheesy, do it.

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