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Flavor | Boqueria

August 8, 2012

At this point in our obsession with Boqueria, we no longer feel like we are walking into an unknown space to eat, we feel like we are walking into the comfort of our best friends house. No, we aren’t “regulars” to the hosts or the waiters, but they are regulars to us. They tend to seat us at the back bar, which is our favorite place, away from the noise and trendy women. But close to the chef, the fresh peppers, and sizzling fry pans. They bring us out Rose Sangria spiked with Tequila just to start off another Friday night of great food.

The only problem I have with Boqueria is internal. Because we know the menu so well, on the ride (or walk, depending on the weather) over to Soho, we pick out everything we want. When the waiter puts the menu in front of us, filled with savory Tapas, and tells us about the specials, we simply glance at each other knowing full well that the specials mean nothing to us. While, yes, we should try something new, it becomes difficult because that means we have to not order something else. (What?! No WAY!) And if we DO decide to try a new Tapa, we end up ordering all of our regulars plus the new dish, having way too much food, taking it home (which is unheard of in New York), and it sits in our fridge for days because one of my (noted) biggest flaws is that I don’t really eat leftovers (unless it’s pizza or pasta) nor do I clean out the fridge. Waste. Stick to the basics. Here is what we order:

1. Pan con Tomate.
2. Pimientos de Padrón
3. Dátiles con Beicon.
4. Patatas Bravas.
5. Buñuelos de Bacalao.
6. Albóndigas.

But, let’s be real and call them what they are (or what I say as I point and order and the waiter than says the name above and I nod “yes” and smirk because I’m the idiot who took French in high school and not Spanish!)

1. Tomato Bread.
2. Shishito Peppers.
3. Bacon Wrapped Dates.
4. Potatoes.
5. Cod Fritters.
6. Lamb Meatballs.

Rarely does this change. We tried ordering this pork thing last weekend and the waiter comes to tell us they are out. I’m telling you, our orders are meant to stay the same! I have them memorized (the second list, obviously).

What’s my favorite you ask? Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 6. The other two are potatoes, and to be clear, I do not eat potatoes. But I can’t decide on the others. The tomato bread ironically tastes like October on a pumpkin farm (don’t ask, just taste) but the peppers, gosh, they are so simple but so good. Perhaps I should try to whip those up at home. The meatballs remind me of Columbus – my favorite restaurant there, Marcella’s, serves the most mouth-watering lamb meatball you can find. These are the only meatballs that have come close. But the bacon wrapped dates. Don’t even get me started because I truly did go home and found a way to make them and then introduced them to my entire family and Josh’s family and pretty much dream about the things. (Thank you, Samantha, for the introduction to bacon wrapped dates.)

So, yes, obviously, Boqueria is on our rotation “list”. Everyone who has come to visit in the last year has been to Boqueria.

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  1. sara sklenka permalink
    August 13, 2012 5:22 pm

    um excuse me, what are you doing?

    • August 14, 2012 5:39 pm

      Oh, just decorating through boredom. I don’t even remember what he was putting on the bar??


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