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Good Mood Monday

August 7, 2012

While the weekend was relaxing, I was happy to get beyond Sunday and make it to Monday.

1. A new book. Since I tend to gravitate towards World War Two love stories and the likes, I picked up “The Lost Wife”  by Alyson Richman today. I have no doubts that I’ll love it based on the first two pages. I already don’t want to put it down but the Bachelor Pad is on so I have to.

2. Working out. I’m actually doing well at keeping up with my work outs! I can’t believe it either.

3. A good boyfriend. I was in a bad mood all weekend. I blame the moon. But Josh just kept trying to be nice. Lucky me.

4. France. Yes, we have officially bought flights to France. I really better brush up!

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  1. August 7, 2012 4:43 pm

    Love the photo, also love Bachelor Pad 🙂


  1. KIT « the shellhammer

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